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Our experts can provide infectious control training/ training kits for employees and supervisors to effectively and efficiently carry on the regular job in the new environment we are all in together. Some of the highlights include:

  • Understanding the Problem
  • How we protect ourselves from Pathogens
  • How to properly Put On/ Don your PPE
  • How to properly Take off your PPE

How Can We Help?

Trying to enhance your customer base or retain a Customer
Your customer wants a copy of your written safety program, training records, loss ratios, and these documents are inadequate.
Reduce insurance rates by adopting loss control and safety measures.
Employee Manuals
  • Provide employees with company rules, policies, and benefits due to language or unwritten safety work rules or policies.
  • You are concern unemployment claims due to the lack of written policies.
  • EEOC (Title 7 discrimination claims)
Spanish Speaking Employees
  • Spanish Speaking employees do not understand safety training/meetings or the supervisor’s limited safety vocabulary.
  • Your written employee manuals are only in English.
  • You previously had an OSHA inspection and are concerned about another field visit and possible fines.
  • You are in OSHA Targeted industry, and your safety program is out of date.
  • You have had a complaint or anticipating complaints to OSHA.

No employee has received training critical safety issues, on topics such as

  • Forklifts
  • Aerial lifts
  • Fall protection
  • Silica
  • Lockout/tagout
  • Infection control, respirators, etc.
  • You are having a hard time finding the time to do safety meetings.
Failure to Training Lawsuits
  • You are not carrying workman’s compensation, and you are concerned about being sued about work-related injuries.
  • You have employees driving on company business, and they have not received any driver safety training.

Service & Product Highlights

Let’s be proactive and not reactive. Don’t be another statistic, Let us help you!

Spanish Employees

Solving the training needs of Spanish Speaking Employees.

Safety Training

Customized safety training focused on industry-wise variety of safety topics.

Safety Inspections

This “Mock OSHA Inspection” will review all areas what is happening in work areas.

Subcontractors Kits

Sub Contractor Kit meets for agreement between Sub & the GC  & More 

Lock Out / Tag Out

Our experts can provide a lockout/tagout customized program for your facility.

Forklift, Aerial, Overhead

Instructor-based training to safely operate this highly energized equipment.

New Employees

Lone Star Support service for New employee training and documentation.

Fall Protection

Safety harness, Suspension trauma, ladder safety & other fall protection


Are you properly training both new and existing employees on safety?


Do your supervisors have the correct safety information in order to train employees?

Is there a
language barrier?


Do you need assistance with new hire/write up/termination documents?


Have you been
audited by OSHA?


We Can Help!


  • Reduce Reportable Accidents
  • Make sure all employees receive regular safety training.
  • Reduce the possibility of OSHA fines.
  • Eliminate, as much as possible, heavy equipment accidents. (Forklifts, lifts and cranes)
  • Make sure supervisors have the necessary training to handle employee injury accidents.
  • Make sure all supervisors have a basic understanding of loss-control

Customized Safety Training 

Service & Product Highlights

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is the federal agency responsible for overseeing workplace safety.  OSHA, formed April 28, 1971, under the U.S. Department of Labor “to assure safe and healthy working conditions for working men and women by setting and enforcing standards and by providing training, outreach, education and assistance.” The organization also enforces safety protocols and levies citations and fines for companies found in violation of one of the industry safety requirements.

A safety training program is designed to ensure that employee can recognize health and safety hazards and be able to point out any hazards or safety concerns that they discover while performing your job.

Provide customized safety trainings focused on variety of safety topics applicable to your industry.

learn More Comprehensive training

OSHA does not have one consistent standard for addressing safety training.

When a new employee is hired, the first step is often getting them trained on their role and any equipment they will be using. However, ensuring every employee is also fully trained and up-to-date on applicable safety standards could significantly reduce the incidences of workplace injuries.


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Let’s be proactive and not reactive. Don’t be another statistic, Let us help you!
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Let’s be proactive and not reactive. Don’t be another statistic, Let us help you!
Safety Support For Roofing Company

Safety Support For Roofing Company

Lone Star was recently involved in helping a roofing company after it suffered multiple violations/fines from OSHA. As a result, Lone Star experts conducted field inspections of several job sites and found:


  • Employees and subcontractors had minimal understanding of the key elements of fall
  • The on-site supervisor had little knowledge of what a job site an OSHA Inspector would expect, like having a first aid kit, fire extinguisher, etc.
  • There was a lack of knowledge of what to do when confronted with an OSHA Inspector.
  • Roofers were following unsafe work practices like allowing too much slack in their safety line.


These were the underlying causes for the company and their sub-contractors to receive large fines. In addition, this roofing customer base started to lose confidence.

Lone star has been working with roofing companies for over 15 years and has found in its experience these types of problems are too common.

This type of shortcut is too expensive!



  • We provide fall protection training on the Jobsite, via zoom, or, to the superintends’ tablet or their employee’s cell phone.
  • We can write a customized written safety program to satisfy their customer, OSHA, and your insurance Our written safety programs are proofread by lawyers to ensure our customers are covered.
  • We can supply roofing company’s subcontractors with a simplified written safety program in English and Spanish.
  • We train supervisors on issues that no one pays attention to but can drive safety culture: Like what to do if an employee at a job dies., The symptoms that require a Rescue Ambulance; The Dos and Don’ts when faced with an OSHA Inspector, what to do when 911 does have your Jobsite address, English and Spanish via cell phone or tablet or in-person
  • Provide company’s employees and subcontractors monthly safety training via zoom, cell phone, or in person.
  • Provide subcontractors with a manual, in English and Spanish, that helps them understand key compliance issues, common fall protection issues, dealing with OSHA, and many key issues that cause fines and

Anchor placement and too much
slack online are common issues

OSHA and Workplace Safety Training

OSHA and Workplace Safety Training

With the passing of Occupational Safety & Health Act of 1970, US Congress created Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) to ensure safe & healthy working conditions of workers. OSHA is part of the United States department of Labor. This was long overdue comprehensive federal government legislation as through the civil war and industrialization of United States – countless precious lives were lost due to unsafe working conditions at workplace & lack of legislations for managing workplace hazards.


Data shows a solid workplace safety culture implemented by owners’ commitment to workplace safety ensures higher worker retention, higher ownership of employees with the company leading to increased productivity. There are economic advantages for owners to enforce a good workplace safety culture:

  • New Business opportunities as it satisfies new customer’s demands for a viable safety program.
  • OSHA Compliance
  • Employee Training
  • Protecting Workers Compensation Rates

In addition, it reduces the possibilities of OSHA violations, OSHA fines and any litigations. A business with a history of OSHA violations/fines does not give confidence to new customers. In addition, multiple OSHA violations or OSHA fines can lead to loss of current customers as well. OSHA violations Or OSHA fines can have a negative impact on the morale of the company employees and company may run into a vicious cycle of employee turnover.

Our past can improve future. There have been numerous incidents where if proper trainings and procedures were followed, precious lives could have been saved.

In our own Houston metropolitan area, there have been incidents which could have been avoided like.

Incident 1: Few years back, In Houston area, a supervisor in charge of a roofing company walked out of the edge of a 5 story building under construction and died. The real cause was supervisor was in mobile conversations with his wife and arguing over some home issue. Supervisors’ eyes were open but mind was not on task and cell distraction caused a fatality.

Incident 2: Again in Houston metropolitan area, few years back, an employee working in a machine shop while using his lathe machine put his hand down to pick up a ringing cellphone and in the situation got his fingers along the line oif fire and metal shaved his three fingers.

Incident 3: Few years back in Houston area again: A forklift operator missed to watch an operator nearby and backed up his forklift. The wheel of the forklift around 5000lbs went onto the steel-toed shoes of the operator. Steel toed shoes caved in and he lost 3 toes.


Incidents like above and many more can be saved by simple behavioral change and a rigorous training programs by the employer.




Workplace Safety Violation and Workers’ Compensation

Workplace Safety Violation and Workers’ Compensation

What Are OSHA Violations

OSHA issues the violation reports every year which are very serious and most cited. These are those violations that may cause a very serious injury or even may become the cause of death. These violations only take place when the companies or their employees do not follow the standard safety requirements either willingly or mistakenly. The companies have to pay the fine which is dependent on the harshness of violations.

OSHA Violations & Citations

OSHA sets some standards or rules which every company has to follow for their safety. If any company does not follow those standards then the company is doing the OSHA violation. And there are some of the OSHA violations which do not place the employees of the company at risk. Safety Training in Houston by Lonestar  can assist in this matterWhile the Citation is that which is issued for only addressing that there happens the violation of the OSHA rules or standards in the company and the safety hazards which are recognized by the Compliance officer of OSHA.

Whenever the company gets the notice from the OSHA, they must post the notice at the place where the violation is occurring so that the employees read it carefully and be attentive to not to repeat that violation again or for safety.

Types of OSHA Violations

There are various types of OSHA violations that are now easy to detect by the employees or companies. OSHA puts the list of violations on the website, so it becomes very easy to check and understand. If the company is audited by any other company which is a safety-related company, it will be beneficial for the company to follow the OSHA standards.

Here we will discuss some types of OSHA Violations which are listed by the OSHA and each violation has its own penalty.


  1. Willful or Repeated violation

This type of violation is very serious. When the employer of the company knows that there is a risk and he does not resolve it and intentionally does not follow the safety measures, then this type of violation occurs. And in case any citation is issued to the company already within the last three years, the company will have to pay the harder penalties for the repeated violation. Safety Audit in Houston by Lonestar can assist to reduce the risk involved. There is a risk involved in this type of violation for the employees. The fine or penalty will be reduced which is dependent on the workforce of the company.

Number of Employees Percentage of Fine Reduced
10 or fewer 80
11-20 60
21-30 50
31-40 40
41-50 30
51-100 20
101-250 10
251 or more 0

Common OSHA Violations

There are some violations which can be easily resolved. Some common OSHA Violations are here:

Fall Protection in Construction

The employers of the construction company must have to provide the safe and good working environment for the protection of this type of risk. The company should give the proper training to their employees regarding the safety.

Hazard Communications in General Industry

The companies which are making the products made from the chemicals or which are hazardous, they should make label of the danger on the product. This is the requirement from the OSHA that it must be done by the importers when these products are transported.

Scaffolding General Requirements in Construction

The requirement of OSHA in this type is that the employees or workers of the company will wear the equipment of fall protection which is approved by the OSHA all time. OSHA has strict rules for the construction environment.

  • Assessments are required to assess the constancy of the scaffolding.
  • The company cannot over-exceed the specific weight restrictions.

The most important requirement at the end by the OSHA is that the scaffolding must not be placed near the power lines.

Can OSHA Fine Employees?

OSHA only fines to the business owners or the employers who are responsible to follow the OSHA rules and standards. When they will do any violation, OSHA will fine to them. And the OSHA cannot fine to the employees.

How to Reduce OSHA Violations

The company can reduce the OSHA Violations when the employers or managers of the company will train the employees properly and provide the awareness of the OSHA standards and rules. If there is any violation occurred in the company, they should resolve it immediately. This will help in ensuring the experts that the company is meeting all the requirements by OSHA.

For any consultation, Contact our team today or safety training in Houston.